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Rob's 2 Door Falcon Ranch Wagon

Rob's wagon, dubbed the "Ranch Sport," is being built as a daily driver, capable of hitting the track (don't mention autocross or cones to Rob, ever). It will feature a Ford 2.3 Ecoboost drivetrain, and wiring out of a 2015 Mustang, and will ride on a full Cortex Racing suspension with an SLA featuring Radial X spindles up front and a torque arm out back. We will be performing the paint and body as well as fabrication and fitment for the suspension and drivetrain. When its ready, Rob will be retrofitting as much of the complete Mustang body harness as possible in order to retain ABS, tranction control, etc.

Acid Wash: After stripping the Falcon down, we used an acid wash metal prep to neutralize any rust, and thoroughly clean the surface.
Epoxy Prime: After acid washing the bare metal we coated the exposed metal surfaces with epoxy prime to seal the car.
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