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What We Do

Best of Show Coachworks is a full service automotive restoration and hot rod shop. We offer paint and body, custom fabrication, engine swaps, suspension and mechanical. We work closely with our industry contacts to offer additional parts, concept design and interior work.

Paint and Body Work

Award winning paint and body.

We offer quality paint for race cars to show cars.


All of our cars are built to be driven. We know and spec parts that work. We are dealers for many companies. Please call for tech and pricing.


From replacing quarter panels or patching rust spots to completely custom fabrication


We can handle any suspension install ranging from subframes to custom chassis.

Engine Swaps

We are extremely familiar with both LS and Coyote engine swaps


Our mechanical staff has extensive knowledge of both domestic and foreign vintage cars.

Who We Are

Matt Alcala

Co-owner, President: Matt got his start as a customer of the shop when he and his dad, Steve, brought in their '69 Camaro. After the Camaro build Matt decided he wanted to take a shot at building a car, so he picked up a '65 Mustang. After four years, countless hours, and help from Jon and the paint department, we debuted Matt's Fastback at SEMA 2015. In January of 2017, Matt took over running the shop from founding member Dick Kwamme.

DJ Parobek

Shop Foreman, DJ has been working in and around cars for the last 20 years, during which time he has been honing his skills, working on both restorations and high end production cars, from '32 Fords to Lamborghini Aventadors.

Rocky Brown

Co-owner, Director: Rocky has been with Best of Show since the very beginning. There are not many local San Diego County car events that Rocky misses. You can usually find him with one of his Woody's bench racing and chatting about hot rodding.

Dean Westmoreland

Mechanical and electrical: There isn't much that Dean hasn't taken apart and put together, from vintage exotics, to working for John Force, Dean has done a bit of everything, and has managed to store all of that knowledge in his brain.

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