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Enzo's Chevelle

Enzo's '66 Chevelle was built to be an all around grand tourer. It was built to function as a fun car to haul the family around in, to dinner, sports, the beach, or a nice drive. Beyond that, however, the car is Enzo's vision of what a Chevelle should be. It is sinister and vintage. Its looks and modern underpinnings are so subtle that when driving the car, one could almost forget that old cars drove and handled terribly compared to those of today - it feels the way a car should, and doesn't remind you that its lowered and that every piece of factory suspension is modified.


Engine: cammed 600hp LS3

Engine management: Holley EFI

Transmission: T56

Suspension: Ridetech

Wheels: Budnik

Brakes: Kore 3 C6 Z06

Interior: Elegance Auto Interiors

Sound: Art of Sound

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