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David's El Camino

David is easily one of the most kind, easy going, genuinely nice, and also unassumingly quiet people you will ever meet. He's also never met a rev limiter he couldn't find, and he has a tendency to wear shoes that cause his left foot to slip off the clutch... often.

David had wanted an El Camino for quite some time. He'd also wanted a supercharged V8 in something for an equally long time, which makes his '66 El Camino with a supercharged LS2 a match made in heaven.


Engine: 402 LS2 with Kenne Bell supercharger

Tansmission: Tremec TKO 600

Clutch: McLeod

Suspension: Global West

Wheels: Forgeline ZX3P

Brakes: Wilwood

Interior: Elegance Auto Interiors

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